Sunday, March 27, 2011

NEAR THE PARENTHESIS - Japanese for the beginners [2011]

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Experimental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Crisopa, Subheim, Rhian S
Label - n5MD
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01. Soft warmly straw raincoat
02. Voice and radio bureau
03. The rose and burial
04. Your subconscious condition
05. The first surface
06. In regard to water
07. The listening surround
08. Colors live remarkable
09. Country of true wonder

Beautiful ambient IDM.
Near the Parenthesis is Tim Arndt, a San Francisco based electronic musician. While playing piano and guitar in several bands through the years, Tim has continually been grounded in electronic and experimental music. His current approach focuses on full compositions, gentle and restrained, yet deeply layered and evolving. Passages never stray too far major or minor, centering themselves in between , and grow unexpectedly from simple rhythms and chords to swirling combinations of sound intensified with dissonance before resolving itself and quietly exiting

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