Monday, March 28, 2011

LIGHT BEARER - Lapsus [2011]

Light bearer formed in 2010, from the ashes of Uk post metal and hardcore bands Fall of Efrafa and Dungeons. The band is an all encompassing art/music/narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist Alex, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullmans, “His dark materials” trilogy, John Miltons Paradise Lost, and The Book of Genesis. The band play a mixture of melodic post hardcore, progressive metal, post rock and ambient atmospheric drone, The songs are structured specifically to follow the narrative and therefor peak and trough in equal measure, mixing screamed desperate vocals with sung passages.

Genre - Atmospheric Slude | Post-rock | Post-metal
Country - UK (London)
Sounds like - Cult Of Luna, Omega Massif, The Fall Of Efafra, Mouth Of The Architect
Label - Tokyo Jupiter | halo of flies | alerta antiifascista

01. Beyond The Infinite
02. Primum Movens
03. Armoury Choir
04. The Metatron
05. Prelapsus
06. Lapsus
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Awesome post-metal band. 

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