Monday, March 28, 2011

DARK SUNS - Selective discography [2005 - 2008]

Dark Suns is a German progressive metal band, founded by Maik Knappe (guitar, backing vocals live), Niko Knappe (vocals, drums), Christoph Borman (bass) and Thomas Bremer (piano). The sound is a mix up of beautiful melodies backed up by a driving double bass, soft spacey passages, unique guitar sound, and great piano work. The 2002 album Swanlike features harsh vocals commonly found in the death metal genre, whilst these vocals were dropped for 2005’s Existence.

Genre - Progressive | Dark Metal | Melodic Death
Country - Germany
Sounds like - Textures, Opeth, Anathema

Grave human genuine [2008]
01. Stampede
02. Flies in Amber
03. Thornchild
04. Rapid Eyes Moment
05. Amphibian Halo
06. The Chameleon Defect
07. Free of You
08. Papillion

Existence [2005]
01. Zero
02. A Slumbering Portrait
03. The Euphoric Sense
04. Her And The Element
05. Daydream
06. Anemone
07. You, A Phantom Still
08. Gently Bleeding
09. Abiding Space
10. Patterns Of Oblivion
11. One Endless Childish Day

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