Sunday, June 8, 2014

BARROWS - Red giant [2014]

Barrows fuses atmospheric and heavy music in the form of sprawling concept albums. The band creates entrancing, circling riffs and rhythms intercut with explosive peaks and brilliant subtleties.
"Red Giant", the sophomore album by Barrows is fittingly massive in thematic scope as it is in sonic heft. An album about the life of a star and what happens after it dies, the band depicts the stages of celestial death throughout the album’s five epic tracks.

Genre - Progressive Post-rock | Post-metal
Country - USA (Los Angeles, Ca)
Sounds like - Red Sparows, Russian Circles, Toundra
Label - Unsigned

01. Nebula (08:32)
02. Red Giant (08:33)
03. Black Hole (05:44)
04. Wormhole (06:53)
05. Beyond (10:49)


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