Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ARCHANGEL - Calm in chaos [2014]

Archangel is a one man project started by me, Sriki from Bangalore, a metropolitan city in southern India. The kind of music I make has a ton of influences, and all in all tends to focus on delivering mild to heavy riffs in an incredibly atmospheric setting. You can call it progressive metal with a hint of ambience.

Genre - Progressive Metal | Atmospheric Djent
Country - India (Bangalore)
Sounds like - Cloudkicker, Bulb, JakeL
Label - Unsigned

01. Butterfly Effect (02:48)
02. Redshift (06:06)
03. The Other Pendulum (06:11)
04. Discordia (06:25)
05. Chasing Infinity (07:23)
06. Destination Bedlam (07:12)
07. Serenity In Turmoil (12:43)

Awesome prog/djent stuff, sounds a lot like Cloudkicker.

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