Monday, April 28, 2014

IN SEARCH OF... - I Am Here With You [2014]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - USA/UK
Influences - The American Dollar, Liam, Alcest, Les Discrets...
Label - Unsigned

01. Rush (05:03)
02. Memories (04:26)
03. A Handful of Paper Stars (05:10)
04. The Final Sunset (Lightbringer Cover) (04:03)
05. Restoration (06:59)
06. The Ephemerality (08:00)

Message from the artists:
'I have poured part of my soul into this album. And yet I offer it to the world for nothing in return. Donations are accepted and appreciated, but certainly not expected. If you enjoy the music or if it has touched you in some way, please consider donating to help me create more of this music in the future.'

Awesome album, remind me a lot The Serverely Departed.

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