Thursday, March 13, 2014

GLACIALS - We Are Serious and We Mean It (EP) [2013]

Being an ensemble of four boys and one girl, of comparable height, weight, bearing and countenance, brought together by shared love, familiarity, frustration, heroism & hedonism. They will make merry in the face of their responsibilities and restraint. Yes, they will fight amongst themselves, and from these seeds will bloom the cacophonous beats of rhythmic abandon, the wall & wash, dirge & pulse of strings, the glitch of technology crashing, the keening screech & wail of vocal chords pulled taut to breaking point. And in marking their words, it was Good.

Genre - Post-rock | Shoegaze | Electro
Country - UK (London)
Sounds like - The Fauns, Ours To Alibi, First Aid Kit
Label - Unsigned
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01. Sweet Tooth Pink Wrist
02. SE-Laiyf Horse
03. Away at Pace
04. Appreciator
05. (ride it like a cowboy)
06. Poindexter

Great glitch/shoegaze stuff.


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