Thursday, March 20, 2014

CASSIE - Discography [2011-2014]

Cassie is a post rock/indie band from southern parts of Finland, founded late in 2010. The big idea is to combine post rock atmospheres with pop elements, make girls dance and men cry. The band released an EP called "Something You Always Wanted to Hear" in the spring of 2011 and a debut album "Sing About Me" in the fall of 2012. Both recordings sold out and pretty much everyone loved them. Fall 2013 Cassie joined forces with Gaea Booking and an EP called Old Light was released in spring 2014.

Genre - Post-rock | Shoegaze | Indie-pop
Country - Finland
Sounds like - Caspian, Final Days Society, First Aid Kit, Pg. Lost
Label - Unsigned
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Old light (EP) [2014]
01. Old Light
02. Keep Your Kings In The Back Row
03. White Waves


Sing about me (EP) [2012]
01. Whalers
02. Gothenburg
03. Deep Sea Documentaries
04. Alex
05. Golden


Something you always wanted to hear (EP) [2011]
01. Any Port in the Storm
02. Red
03. Tin Cans and String

Band request.
Truely beautiful post-rock with sweet female vocals.

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