Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TOSKA MONOLITH - Toska y esperanza [2014]

Ataraxia is a feeling of complete lucidity, peace, and freedom, without boundaries keeping you into a genre. That's how I feel about music. I want to incorporate that into music. Whenever I make music, no matter the genre, I end up forgetting about any kind of worries or problems or anything actually of the outside world, until it ends. That's the feeling I want to share with others.

Genre - Post-metal | Post-rock
Country - USA (Panama City, FL)
Influences - We Made God, TWDY, Hammock, Pelican, ITTCT, Isis, GIAA, Jesu
Label - Unsigned

01. Toska Y Esperanza
02. Vivacious
03. Undone (And Never Finished)
04. Echoes Along The Coast
05. Untitled Old Track #3
06. Take Off
07. Waiting (Hoping)
08. To Save Our Souls

Great post-metal band.

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