Sunday, February 23, 2014

DORENA - Nuet [2013]

"Nuet" is the Swedish word for "the present", and as the name suggests, the album very much revolves around the concept of time. The songs are attempts to capture the little things, the short fragments. Be it a thought, memory, a touch or a scent; Dorena succeeds in describing these fragments, and encapsulating them in their music. “Quite a lot has happened in these past few years since our last album came out”, says guitarist and vocalist Kim Ruiz. “As we’ve grown older, we have noticed that the years keep flying by faster and faster. These songs are ways for us to hold on to things that would otherwise be distorted by memory or fall into oblivion.”

Dorena marks a new chapter with the release of Nuet. It’s still fresh and innovative; but with a timeless feel, rarely seen from bands within this genre of music. The organic and electronic mold together in sonically entrancing songs made to stand the test of time, and the result is equally heartbreaking and heart warming.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Sweden (Göteborg)
Influences - TWDY, Caspian, Saxon Shore, Helios, Hammock, Mono,EITS, GY!BE, The Album Leaf, KYTE
Label - Deep Elm Records

01. Semper
02. Her Comforting Touch
03. Young Hearts Of Summer
04. Dandelion
05. My Childhood Friend
06. A Late Farewell
07. The All-Clear

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