Friday, January 31, 2014

PLAINFIRE - But When Words Fail [2014]

PlainFire is a one man ambient band out of the heart of Nebraska. Strongly influenced by Cloudkicker, Explosions In the Sky, and the lot, PlainFire exhibits a combination of both groove and beauty, complexity and simplicity. Feeling is the heart of all music. Each instrumental track, with influential titles, are made to allow listeners to create their own story. It is open to interpretation, providing that each listener creates his or her own story throughout each theme of the album, determination, desperation, regret, hindsight, focus, devotion, sorrow, and hope.

Genre - Post-Rock | Ambient
Country - USA (St. Libory, NE)
Sounds Like - Codes in the Clouds, The Echelon Effect, Hammock
Label - Unsigned

01. a long distance call
02. help me surrender
03. on shores of clarity
04. together is better
05. mercy seat
06. even us
07. into the last good fight i'll ever know
08. how can i drop you without gravity
09. all so nostalgic
10. and our eyes meet

Sweet post-rock.

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