Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LIGHTS & MOTION - Reanimation [2013]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Indie
Country - Sweden (Gothenburg)
Sounds like - Hammock, Sigur Ros, Pg. Lost, Moonlit Sailor
Label - Deep Elm Records

01. Requiem
02. Home
03. Aerials
04. Drift
05. The March
06. Victory Rose
07. Epilogue
08. Fractured
09. Texas
10. Faded Fluorescence
11. Departure
12. Reanimation
13. Dream Away

Message from the band:
To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the release of Lights & Motion's critically-acclaimed debut "Reanimation", Deep Elm is allowing downloads on a Name Your Price basis until further notice. Enjoy! Please share, post, tweet, tell your can even send the album as a gift! If you do not have the means, you may download the album for Free. In exchange, we simply ask you to pay it forward by doing a small kindness for a total stranger. Our world needs more kindness.

So guys, if you dont know this band yet, you have to hurry up to listen and download this amazing band!

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