Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AZTEC MANHATTAN - Meraki [2013]

Genre - Psychedelic Math-rock | Ambient | Experimental
Country - UK
Label - Unsigned

01. Okayo
02. A Meadow of Toast
03. Tengu
04. Capricorn
05. Anubis
06. Caesar
07. Valhalla
08. Pegasus
09. No Face
10. The Candle Dragon
11. An Ocean of Cinnamon Rabbits

Artist request.
Really interesting work, not a usual music but with good feeling.

About the artist:
Hiya :) My name is Dathan and I write/perform music for many different reasons. One of them is it makes me happy and that's enough of a motive to experiment with it. I avoid sticking to one genre/style/rhythm as there are countless patterns and mechanisms to recycle and create, so it seems only right that my music should sound like a drunken eskimo exploring the amazon with a bamboo flute.

About the album:
Meraki:  (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.
This album is something I've had a lot of faith behind for a long time. The genres included range from liberating melodies to grizzly riffs to spontaneous tapping to complex rhythms to cheeky bass patterns. Abundant with constantly shifting time signatures and all double-coated in a thick glaze of optimism. It's intended to invoke a lot of different emotions and be an experience for the listener. The song lengths are short as its intended for psychedelic community, and would seem much more meaningful/long whilst tripping. I have no expectations as to how it will be received and am ridiculously happy that its finally finished.
Thank you :)

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