Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SPOOK THE HORSES - Brighter [2011]

Spook the Horses are a heavy post-rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. The band formed as a four piece in 2009. Zach replaced Callum as drummer in 2010, and the group started arranging and finalising tracks for their first album, 'Brighter' which was released in December, 2011.

The band layers three guitars, synthesiser and samples with bass and drums to create monumental songs that are at once saturated and spacious. Desperate vocals sparsely punctuate the mostly-instrumental tracks. The album expands upon the textural sonic landscapes familiar from Spook the Horses’ live shows.

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Post-rock
Country - New Zealand
Sounds like - Light Bearer, Catacombe, Pg. Lost, Latitudes, Caspian,
Label - Unsigned

01. Very Little Is Certain, But
02. My Memories Will Be Of Muted Greys
03. Ashen Smiles And Backlit Clouds
04. Paper Harbours, Hanging Skies
05. My Songs Will Be Sung In White
06. My Photographs Will Be Of Skylines

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