Friday, August 2, 2013

CONFINES - Hive mentality (EP) [2013]

A project birthed from original members of Heir to the throne in September 2012, CONFINES is the collaboration of multiple musical backgrounds with the sole intent of writing honest, heavy music. With an EP release of Summer 2013 (Engineered, M/M by Jake Paulson, formerly of I Declare War), Confines plans to hit the scene as hard as possible. With a full length already in the works, Confines has every intention of bringing the most unique yet straightforward sound to your ears as possible.

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Djent
Country - USA (Seattle)
Sounds like - Volumes, Rooks, Stories...
Label - Unsigned
Contact -

01. Tracer
02. Hivemind
03. Decimator

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