Saturday, August 24, 2013

THE DEATH OF HER MONEY - You are loved [2010]

The Death of Her Money hail from South Wales UK, having spent the last five years finding their way to something that offer’s a unique take on heavy music, (no generic description needs to be inserted other than it’s heavy, and it’s music) to explain what it sounds like is not a very easy thing. Constructed from improv, TDOHM's spacious, simplistic driving rhythms and a sound that flows down to the dark pit via strange discordant melody, off-kilter chordal progression's accompanied by intense screamed vocals and layers of feedback that crack through the battered beast that will go down fighting.

Genre - Amospheric Sludge | Progressive
Country - UK (Newport)
Sounds like - Neurosis, Buried Inside, Intronaut, Amenra
Label - Slow Burn Records

01. Held Hands
02. Enguelades
03. Missing Time
04. Truth
05. Maya Deren
06. New Bodily Functions
07. Tonality Of Despair

Re-up, free download on bc bandpage.

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