Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RIBSOUT : The end (RIP)

Hi All,

After almost 5 years I decided to quit with the blog. So this will be the last post ever.

Before I give you the reason why I quit I need to thank a lot of people

- I want to thank every band/artist that sent me a mail and asked me to be posted on the blog. - I want to thank every visitor of the blog. - I want to thank every person who likes my page on facebook. (I don't going to close that) - I want to thank every person that is following my twitter account. - And everyone I forgot

Reason? :

Well I wanted to do a 2nd RibsOutFest and since Crowdfunding is popular these days I thought it was a great idea to it that way. Well seems nobody was interested in that option. Another option was a benefit bandcamp compilation. Well same like the crowdfunding. Nobody was interested. So that's the reason why I quit. Maybe a stupid reason but well it's my decision. It's hard for me to deal with failures.

Now it's time to give you some other great blog who do the same thing like me. So maybe you can contact them in the future :

Archiv Hate
Brain On Fire

And I know I didn't read a lot of mails. So i'm going to try to find someone who wants to take over my email account. Just to read the mails and post the music on his/her blogspot.

One last thing I will release two more bandcamp compilations in the near future. One is 99% complete and another one is in the works.

All the best, 

Sad news guys, another great blog just RIP... this is a really shitty day.
I'm fucking digusting cuz i entirely understand the reason why he quit while we need kinds of initiative.
All we should do is continuing the effort and maintain focus.
Thx to data.hypercomplex for recommending us from his followers, really honored.

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