Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MAIDENS - Eve of Absolution (EP) [2013]

Inspired by relationships and interactions between man, civilization, and the natural world, Maidens is a 4-piece band often described by listeners as post-hardcore or post-metal. Since forming in 2008, it has been the band’s goal to organize themes of destruction, renewal, and growth into cohesive musical movements.

Genre - Progressive & Atmospheric Sludge
Country - USA (Milwaukee, WI)
Sounds like - Neurosis, Fall Of Efrafa, Omega Massif, Intronaut
Label - Error Records

01. Beginnings: Rebirth
02. Our Splendor, Our Antiquity
03. Lands of the Blind
04. Discord: Storm on the Horizon
05. Eve of Absolution
06. Upheaval: She Has Abandoned Us
07. The Calm, The Silence


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