Monday, July 16, 2012

CLOCKS - The dividing line (EP) [2012]

Clocks is a progressive metal band hailing from central IL. Since forming in December 2010, Clocks has written, recorded, and released an EP, titled Hardwiring the Human Mind (available from all major online retailers), as well as toured the Midwest in its support. Everything from production to artwork is done solely by the band. The member's DIY work ethic combined with the honest and unique perspective their music focuses on has garnered Clocks a dedicated following. Since the release of their EP, Clocks has played in support of a host of national acts as well as started the process of writing and recording their sophomore release, scheduled to be released in summer of this year.

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Atmospheric Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Contortionist, 7 Eyes 7 Horns, Animals As Leaders, The Faceless, The Yellow Sign
Label - DIY

01. Flying Undiscovered
02. Aeon of Horus
03. Progress
04. The Dividing Line
05. Arbiters
06. Transit of Man
07. Invisible; A Conscious Disconnect

Holy shit, this band is incredible. Heavy, groovy, beautiful and brutal.  More than highly recommended, you must have!

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