Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3RD STRIKE - Lost angel [2002]

3rd Strike was a nu metal group, started by Jim Korthe (lead singer), Todd Deguchi (guitar), Erik Carlsson (guitar), PJ McMullan (drums) and Gabe Hammersmith (bass). Their lyrics were primarily based upon the former lives of the group's members. In May, 2002, they released their debut and only album, Lost Angel. They toured with Ozzfest and Warped Tour to promote their album, but broke up shortly after. Their song "Into Hell Again" was featured on the Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life soundtrack.

Genre - Nu-Metal | Hip-hop | Atmospheric
Country - USA
Sounds like - Drowning Pool, Flaw, Cypress Hill
Quality - 320kbps
Label - Hollywood Records

01. Flow Heat
02. Walked Away
03. Redemption
04. Blind My Eyes
05. No Light
06. City's on Fire
07. Breathe It Out
08. All Lies
09. Strung Out
10. Lisa
11. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
12. Hang on
13. Sick skin (bonus track)
14. Champagne dreams (bonus track)

This is not my shit anymore but 3rd Strike was a fabulous nu-metal band melting hard hip-hop, fat guitars and melancholic melodies. 
RIP Jim Korthe.

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