Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BORN OF OSIRIS - The new reign [2007]

Born of Osiris is a Deathcore outfit from Chicago, Illinois.
The formation of the band was in 2003, as they released several demos and had begun to go through various name changes over the next few years (including… Diminished, Rosecrance & Your Heart Engraved). In 2007, under the name Born Of Osiris, they signed to Sumerian Records. and finished recording their first full-length album entitled “The New Reign”, released on October 2007.

Genre - Progressive Deathcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Veil Of Maya, After The Burial...
Label - Sumerian Records

01. Rosecrance
02. Empires Erased
03. Open Arms To Damnation
04. Abstract Art
05. The New Reign
06. Brace Legs
07. Bow Down
08. The Takeover

Best Born Of Osiris album.

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