Tuesday, May 3, 2011

THE BEST PESSIMIST - Discography [2009 - 2010]

The Best Pessimist - is a one-man-band project of the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergey Lunev. His music is a lovechild of genres like post-rock, ambient, idm. Piano driven atmospheric musical landscapes may remind you:The American Dollar, French Teen Idol, Collapse Under The Empire and The Calm Blue Sea

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Electro
Country - Ukraine
Sounds like - EITS, Moonlit Sailor, The American Dollar
Label - Unsigned
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Two against all (EP) [2010]
01. Two Against All
02. Lambent Brume Turning To The Clouds
03. This Silence Will Never Left Us... Goodbye, My Reliance
04. You (Re-Recorded)

To whom it may concern [2010]
01. We Are… The Dream
02. Flowers Say It All
03. Lights Of Your Innocence
04. Guardian Angel
05. To Whom It May Concern
06. The Sea, The Night, The Stars, The Light
07. Inner Sense
08. Cold Eye Color
09. Welcome & Farewell 

I just want to be tour everything [2009]
01. Forgive Me
02. Oceanica
03. My Heaven Ends Disaster
04. 6619 Days Of Waiting
05. You
06. Walking With Happiness
07. I Just Want To Be Your Everything
08. Sleep well...
09. Sweet Loneliness 
10. I   DOWNLOAD  

Autumn leaves (EP) [2009]
01. Autumn Leaves
02. Dreamless
03. Feeling That We Have Lost
04. The Past Comes Tomorrow
05. When Time Stood Still


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  2. Me encanta el grupo, post rock es lo mejor, saludos y gracias por la discografía :)

  3. Muy bueno te pasaste saludos desde Chile, ya esuche 2 canciones y quede loco xddd, cuidatee

  4. Many thanks for the Albums and mediefire. Fantastic blog!

  5. Thanks for your comments guys, appreciate, and i think the artist too ;)

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  9. That's very good stuff! i nerver thought "The Best Pessimist" could actualy be an one - man - band, that´s very impressive! loved the blog btw!
    thanks 4 sharing!

  10. Two against all (EP) [2010] this file is deleted can you re-upload it please. And also thanks for sharing all the albums of "The Best Pessimist".

  11. Hi, sorry but i think the artist delete these files because he's signed now. I respect this choice and not reup any files without artist authorization.
    If you want support, check his bandcamp

  12. manooooo excelente tomara q tenha mais obg

  13. Muchísimas gracias por compartir estos maravillosos discos, sigan así, son los mejores :D