Monday, September 24, 2018


Hello dear friends,

This is with heavy heart  i announced BOF is officially off the record.
The blog stays online but i will not post any new album.
Sorry for this, but i'm sure you have see these last months the activity had rather slowed down for personal reasons.

You can continue to follow me on my FB page (i'm also giving up my twitter page) but i will rarely post.

Thanks you all for your support all these years it's been a long road ( ten years !!), to my followers (Zosh with his great djent!)
Special thanks to my buddy Sarafianos from Post-Engineering
His blog is gold, he needs support and have mine forever.

So, this is the end of the story but...

With luv,


  1. fuck. but fair. it was pleasure to follow you. thanks for all the fish and may the force be with you.

  2. Thank you for all the hard work, you pointed me to some (ok, a lot) excellent music in the past - take care and rock on!

  3. Thank you for the support, really appreciated!

  4. it has been 6-7 years since i discovered your blog, it's sad but thanks for everything

  5. I wish I would have known about your site 3 years ago! This has been wonderful. Thank you.

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