Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SO FAR AS I KNOW - Hidden poetry [2015]

A wide embrace of disparate musical influences, dynamics, textures and emotions. SO FAR AS I KNOW is not just another post-rock band who shot their vocalist. Their music is an experiment. Incorporating elements of different musical genres into what they offer to their listeners, blending and fusing those genres together at various angles, adding colors and signatures, SO FAR AS I KNOW is truly an amazing find for any post-rock maniac.

Genre - Post-metal | Post-rock | Progressive
Country - Russian Federation
Sounds like - Long Distance Calling, Latitudes, Pelican, Intronaut
Label - Unsigned

01. Glowing (02:41)
02. tripHOPE (07:13)
03. Amala (05:28)
04. Dark Waters (06:28)
05. Be With Me Now (06:34)
06. Fading Soul's Harbor pt. I (05:03)
07. Fading Soul's Harbor pt. II (06:31)
08. Flying The Whales (09:09)
09. Atlantis (07:24)


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