Thursday, July 25, 2013

ECHOES OF SILENCE - With The Sky Below Us and the Ground Above [2013]

Influenced by the likes of Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Yndi Halda, Sunlight Ascending, Lowercase Noises, and This Will Destroy You, Echoes of Silence was formed in late 2012 with the intention of creating a unique blend of the sounds found in the Post-Rock world. The Echoes of Silence sound focuses on creating earth-shaking crescendos that are atmospheric, dreamy, and dramatic.

With The Sky Below Us and the Ground Above tells the story of life and all of its ups and downs. The album features ambient organ-filled swells backed by ringing guitars as well as more darker selections which feature a wall of sound made up of distorted guitars and heart-wrenching strings.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - USA (Prince George, VA)
Sounds like - Sunlight Ascending, TWDY, EITS, Mono, Yndi Halda, The Evpatoria Report, Sleepmakeswaves, GIAA, I Hear Sirens...
Label - Unsigned

01. Decyzja
02. Pink Bomber
03. Electricity In The Air
04. Sweet Spring Lake
05. Ebb and Flow
06. Fortune's Malice
07. The Sun Set In Her Eyes
08. When Dreams Are Not Enough
09. Let Me Tell You How Beautiful You Are

So much beautiful.

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