Monday, December 17, 2012

SYSTEMS - Terrasomnium (EP) [2012]

The idea, conceptualized, represents a place which expands one's concept of progressive metal, a dimensional leap in awareness, and one which offers a whole new realization into the philosophical realm of music. Terrasomnum might be conceived as a plane beyond the proverbial x, y, and z axes; where endless possibility exists, where visions go, where the mind travels to it's farthest reaches to greater experience forward thinking creativity in a non-pioneered realm of consciousness. Terrasomnuim probes the depths of an infinitely unbounded audible cosmos, beating and vibrating in a finite world.

Genre - Progressive Mathcore
Country - USA  (Tulsa,OK/Santa Cruz,CA/Des Moines,IA)
Sounds like - IWABO, Within The Ruins, Scale The Summit
Contact -
Label - Unsigned

01.Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
02.Form Wave
03.Lucid Dreams

¤¤ Nice band ¤¤

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