Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ZERO ABSOLU - Autømn [2012]

Zero absolu (Absolute zero) is a personal and solitary project. Created in French savoy current spring 2006. The idea sprang with a crave to share outstanding moments and thoughts of nostalgia, melancholy and fury. « Zero absolu » is also a way of communicating the thread of intimate and experimental atmospheres.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Post-metal
Country - France
Influences - Jesu, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Isis, Radiohead
Label - Humanist records | Urgence disk records

01.First step
02.Home sick home
03.The hill
04.Hello darkness, hello gentle moon
06.After her
07.Vertigos & confusions
08.Lord of the unconscious
09.Snowball aftertaste
10.A kingdom without walls
11.Strike it down
12.Season is failing
13.Amend grace's legacy

Excellent onemanband, i saw a show of this artist, this was really awesome.

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