Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TOWN PORTAL - Chronopoly [2012]

Long story short, Town Portal is an instrumental rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark who are sporting curiously complex yet surprisingly catchy tunes with a dropped tune punch. October 8th saw the release of the debut album ‘Chronopoly’ on the Copenhagen-based indie label Subsuburban. The album has been praised in the national music press. In November the record will be followed up by a European tour with Extra Life drummer Nick Podgurski performing solo as Feast of the Epiphany.

Genre - Progressive Math-rock | Jazz
Country - Denmark
Sounds like - Scale The Summit, Obstacles, Halcyon
Label - Unsigned

01. Chronoceros
02. Mad With Power
03. Samoan Maneuver
04. Entropia
05. Cool Face Doom Service
06. Infinite Improvidence
07. Uncle Genie
08. Coordinated Universal Time Stretch

By band request.

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  1. the vinyl is only 13.5 euro over at or a beautiful lp highly recommended.