Saturday, November 5, 2016

LOST IN KIEV - Motions [2012]

This debut album Motions is inspired by numerous, short and long time travels we all have made. We have juggled with various styles, from melancholic post rock to heavy post hardcore and some epic metal. Motions is the soundtrack of a movie where everyone should decide whether he should stay or go.

Because collective intelligence is nice, Lost in Kiev has built its first album on the basis of lively discussions to come up with complex structures. As a result of this participatory democracy in which every element counts, whether he is behind the scenes or in the limelight, the 7 tracks of Motions have in common the art of mixing melodic lines and layers of noises.

Inspired by their travels in the songwriting process, the musicians of Lost in Kiev want to remain as free as possible. Since it is impossible for them to stick only to the label “post-rock” to which they are clearly attached (stretched length of the titles, melancholic tracks), they juggle with various styles, from a foggy groovy trip-hop to a heavy post-hardcore via an epic metal. And since every trip is a personal experience, Lost in Kiev has replaced samples from movies / TV shows by “home made” samples. Performed by friends of the band, the voices in Motions express the disillusions that can push people to run away from somewhere, the confusion that precedes such a decision, the feeling of being free… Warm and straight in its rhythms, sensitive or majestic in its melodies, Motions is the soundtrack of a movie where everyone should choose whether he should stay or go.

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal
Country - France (Paris)
Influences - Mogwai, Cult of Luna, 65DaysofStatics, Isis, Radiohead...
Label - Dunk!records, Voice of The Unheard, Moodisorder , Silenceless Records

01. > / 01:36
02. A Mere Shift Of Origin / 06:46
03. I'm Stuck / 06:01
04. Hope, Fights & Disillusions / 08:41
05. They're Coming / 08:29
06. Under Close Surveillance / 06:55
07. The Day I Ruined My Life / 09:10

Listen to their last release "Nuit noire" HERE