Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NYCTALGIA - Time changed everything (EP) [2009]

Nyctalgia was founded somewhen in winter 2007. Band-founder Silvio is still looking for some other people to join it. The first demo called "Time changed everything" was released on 20th august 2009 and contains five songs of ambient and classical influenced Post-rock. There are no specific plans for the future, but Nyctalgia won't stop now...

Genre - Dark-ambient | Classical | Shoegaze
Country - Switzerland
Sounds like - A melancholic autumn aternoon under the rain...
Label - Unsigned

01. Nyctalgia
02. Time Changed Everything...
03. Remains of a Blue Rose
04. Mira...
05. Falling into nothingness

Beautiful melancholic ambient & instrumental music. Really great discovery.

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