Monday, January 30, 2012

RULED BY REASON - The dawning of dystopia [2011]

"When life hands you lemons, you listen to Ruled by Reason. A 5 piece Metal group hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. From 2008 on Ruled by Reason has shown that they know what they're doing, and can pull it off with excellence. Creating a powerful, yet varied style of metal, they're absolutely an upcoming force in the modern metal scene. The Dawning of Dystopia, Ruled by Reason's debut full length album is now available on The Execution Kollective. Check it out!"

Genre - Progressive Metal | Deathcore
Country - USA
Influences - Between The Buried & Me, Scale The Summit, It Prevails
Label - Unsigned

01. The Dawning Of Dystopia
02. We Met Destruction
03. Dr. Jekyll Sleeps Alone Tonight
04. Look To The Stars
05. Within These Memories
06. The Last Prophecy
07. To Rise Above
08. Dorsia

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