Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SHIVACULT - Demo [2011]

Shivacult is the project that was born out of a fascination for the Dravidian-Aryanized God Shiva: His attainment of cosmic powers by the conquest of the unstable mind and his dwellings on sexuality and spirituality.

Marrying a thousand year old Indian Carnatic tradition of music with the latest cutting edge music tools, Shivacult strings intricate phrases of melody with electronically synthesized elements surpassing sonic capabilities. He brings alive the ancient Carnatic tradition of India, focusing on the aesthetic aspects of the “Raga” system and its emotional capabilities.

Born into a family of classical musicians, Shivacult was greatly influenced by his mother Smt Anuradha Sreedhar, a carnatic vocalist herself and received initial vocal training from other local stalwarts of Hyderabad such as Shri Nedunuri Shyamakrishna and Smt Sundari Janakiraman. Being a self trained producer who was focusing on his Trance project ‘Godspeed’, he was introduced to global downtempo and psybient sounds by reknown Tilos radio (Hungary) artist Dakta Dub at Monkey studios where he learnt to use a set of Turntables. Thus began his search for quality sound, his urge to fuse his natural talents into what is now ‘Shivacult’.

Shivacult is deeply inspired by Anthropological shamanism and contemporary Buddhist thought as well as online discourses of spiritualists such as Swami Nithyananda, Terrence McKenna and the likes. Musicians such as Asura, Bahramji, Huun Huur tu, Entheogenic, Maneesh de moor, Solar fields, Varttina and Vibrasphere have played a major role in crafting his sound.

Shivacult has played alongside international artists such as Dakta Dub (Hungary-Ind), Temple one (UK) and Psykovsky (Rus). He has also been featured in N magazine (Hyderabad) in recognition of his underground music productions. He strives to expand his music palette with more gigs in the future.

Genre - Ambient | Experimental | Electro
Country - India
Influences - Asura, Bahramji, Huun Huur tu, Entheogenic, Maneesh de moor, Solar fields, Varttina, Vibrasphere
Label - Unsigned

Thanks to Harshavardhan for the request. I hope a full-lenght asap.

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